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Your donation, whether it may be purchasing a campaign shirt on this website or requesting a quote for custom printing or embroidery services, is going to a good cause. We are committed to ending veterans' unemployment through the economic empowerment provided by your business and patronage. Your purchase has a purpose.

Fireteam Foundation

Economic Empowerment

The Mission of Fireteam Foundation is to economically empower veterans through financial education and training. The impetus of the Fireteam Foundations programming is imbedded in the financial education and training of veterans in Montgomery County, Texas through the developed curriculum by the USAA Education Foundation.

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Our Program

The Financial Education Program provides one 2-hour financial education class weekly for 9 weeks on the following curriculum:

  • - financial planning & goal setting,
  • - buying, refinancing or renting a home,
  • - buying a vehicle,
  • - managing credit or debt,
  • - preparing their financial future through a comprehensive budget analysis for 1-year.
  • - (1) One computer per participant for course work completion and continued personal financial analysis.
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Fireteam Foundation will recruit, enroll, and educate 20 Veterans who attend the financial education and training classes. 5 veterans per class per quarter.

Our Program Outcomes

Initial outcomes consist of veterans that are knowledgeable about the fundamentals of personal financial management. Veterans are now familiar with the financial planning, goal setting, major purchases, home buying, renting, or refinancing, and understanding credit and debt.

Fireteam Foundation has identified 39,141 veterans through the National Center for Veterans Statistics and Analysis 2015 GDX Report. Our commitment is to engage, train, and empower 20 financially at-risk veterans beginning in fiscal year 2017, this is 5 veterans per class per quarter. Our service area is the Montgomery County Geographic Area. Fireteam Foundation and our strategic partners are recruiting, selecting, and approving veterans from across multiple demographics, service era's, military service, and socioeconomic identifiers in communities across the Montgomery County.

The program evaluation process for the financial education and training will consist of a pre-test/post-test methodology at the beginning of the course per class per quarter. We will administer a 10 question test of curriculum knowledge to identify the level of financial acumen prior to instruction. At the conclusion of the course we will deliver the post-test examination of same 10 questions to determine information retention and comprehension.

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