About Fireteam Apparel Co.

The Fireteam Apparel Company was founded in October of 2015 by a “fireteam” of United States Marines and Soldiers who are combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. After working in various industries and experiencing the amount of veterans struggling to transition from active-duty to the workforce; a solution was identified. There is a skills mismatch in many of the industries and many of the returning veterans lacked the fundamental business experience and civilian employment history to become competitive in the assets in the local economies.

Our solution and mission is the employment and readiness of returning veterans in the civilian workplace and local economy.  Understanding that there are significant employment barriers and skillsets that require development in the returning veterans, we are committed to economically empowering returning veterans in the workforce by employing our brothers and sisters in the various operational and business capacities that support the mission of the Fireteam Apparel Company. We are a proud union commercial screen printer, embroiderer, and member of GCC/IBT Local Union 4535M.

Your business, whether it may be purchasing a campaign shirt on this website or requesting a quote for custom printing or embroidery services, we are committed to ending veterans’ unemployment through the economic empowerment provided by your business and patronage.  Your purchase has a purpose.