Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only sell wholesale?
Do you print and embroider in union shops?
Print runs as small as 25?
Do you sell blanks?
Can I mix colors, sizes, and styles and does that count towards my total volume for pricing purposes?
Do you sell samples?
Do you have organics?

Do you produce anything at factories overseas?
Do you sell retail?
Do I need a tax ID # to qualify for the non-profit discount?
Will you ever make the Fireteam Apparel sneaker again?
It’s complicated…

How do I verify that Fireteam Apparel's apparel is union-made and union-printed?
Look for the union label. There's one in every Fireteam Apparel garment sold on this site. To verify the union print shop our printers include a union "bug" on every garment, unless otherwise requested. If there is no union alternative we will sell US made products if we know the cut & sew shop has acceptable labor standards.
Isn't it OK to just print a union bug on a non-union garment?
That depends. Is there a union alternative available? If so, that's just like putting lipstick on a pig or skim milk masquerading as cream. Union people will call you on it, especially if it's for a candidate. But If there's no union alternative? That's called not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. We're opposed to the first but totally OK with the second. Always ordering at the very last minute so you are forced (forced I say!) to save a few nickels buying a non union product that your local screen printer keeps in stock, while absolving yourself of any guilt? That's really not right. Once or twice is unfortunate. More than that, highly suspect.
How far in advance should I ask for a quote?
Depends on if it's in stock. In stock blanks can ship the next day. Printed, allow 2 weeks to avoid the rush fee. But often inventory runs tight at union factories. If not in stock, typically 3-4 weeks. But more time doesn't hurt! And if you aren't the only decision maker in the process please allow enough time for that. Co-ops? You probably should start the process at least 3 months before you need the gear. About 2 months before the holidays (especially in national election years) things tend to get crazy at union factories. Depending on item, it can take up to 2 months.
Why shouldn't I buy direct from a union screen printer?Isn't a distributor like Fireteam Apparel just another 10% man?
No, Fireteam Apparel is the 10% man that can save you 25% or more. Sometimes, much more. While providing concierge customer care. How? Now that's a complicated question. Rather than go into a bunch of MBA jargon about business models & price structures, etc, let's chalk it up to accumulated market know-how. The who, how, where, what and whens of a business. Plus low overhead and elbow grease. All that adds up to lower prices and better service. And since we source from all the remaining union cut & sew shops we can usually put orders together that a union screen printer couldn't or wouldn't. Most union printers only source from one or two shops. We put together orders from multiple sources if need be.
What's Fireteam Apparel's refund and return policy?
Goods will be as specified in our purchase order or you are entitled to a refund for any goods received that are not as specified. Unprinted garments may be returned for any reason but are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. With custom printed garments you get a screen printer's proof to OK (or not) before garments are printed. If imprint isn't same as screen printers proof, goods may be returned for a refund, though that's never happened in over 15 years.
What type of file format does the artwork need to be in?
Illustrator print ready vector files (.ai or .eps) are ideal but most pdfs work fine. And we do have artists on hand that can convert almost anything or help you develop a design or logo for a nominal fee.
What types of discounts are available for non-profits? Do I need a tax ID #?
We aren't sticklers. Artists, screen printers, indy rockers all qualify. The NRA? Not so much. Amounts vary from 25¢ to over $1 per garment. Depends on the job. Discounts on stock only, not printing.
How do you keep your prices so low?
Hard work & low overhead. Not charging an extra premium for being virtuous. We do our best to make doing the right thing no sweat. For you. Us? We sweat buckets on occasion.
What's Fireteam Apparel's delivery/payment policy?
Typically, we take payment in full when order is placed. On very large orders we sometimes take 50% upon placing the order, balance to ship. Our delivery policy is to get it to you on schedule, barring force majeure.
What payment methods do you accept?
All major credit cards, checks, wire transfer & paypal. No bitcoins or barter. Most orders are paid in full when placed. Very large orders can be 50% when placed, balance to ship.
What's Fireteam Apparel's privacy policy?
Simple. We don't sell or share your information (except name, phone # & shipping info for shipping purposes) with anyone. Ever
What is the difference between American made and US Union made?
Both are produced domestically. Unfortunately, many American garment producers are sweatshops. Often the workers are undocumented, underpaid and overworked. Only US union garments provide the certainty that workers are well paid and well treated.
How well paid?
Depending on the region, job & seniority, between $11 & $30 per hour. Plus health. Plus 401K. Plus paid holidays, including two weeks in July & two weeks around the holidays. What used to be an average American job. And, we hope, will be again!
Will you ever make the Fireteam Apparel sneaker again?
That's a somewhat complicated question. The simple answer is probably not.
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